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water from the ace of cups

from Firmament by Museum of Natural History



Excerpt from 'Collected Letters' (1912): A universal panacea
The older I get the less I can see my own perspective. I feel like I have never lived in the present. By the time light has travelled from an object to my retina, then to my brain, then to registration of conscious thought – basically, the process we take for granted as sight - the present moment has gone. My entire life experience is perpetually nanoseconds and milliseconds away from something resembling the true present. It forever remains always slightly ahead. My existence is therefore split between the future and – in memory - the past. My interpretations of either tense are subject to endless interference.
Moreover my eyes tell my brain that I see a blue sky, the green grass, the sparkling oranges and reds of a sunset over the water. In the black of night, I see deeper shades of blue and red and other combinations of colours. As we do, we name and identify these colours. But they do not tangibly or demonstrably exist outside of our own individual experience. They are just the way our eyes read light reflected through a prism, once again interpreted by our brain. What you and I call ‘red’ is something very different for my cat in every aspect.


from Firmament, released April 20, 2022


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